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Agostino Pavia & figli



The history of the winery Agostino Pavia has always been tied to its region, as shown by its vineyards, all of which are the property of the company. Agostino Pavia & figli are Giuseppe and Mauro Pavia, and the aim has always been to create a strong identity with this land, in the commune of Agliano Terme, which they cultivate in order to offer Barbera d'Asti to wine lovers.



Agostino Pavia & figli 's history is made up of important events: in the 80s they selected the best positions for the vineyards for the cultivation of Barbera. In this way they have been able to produce a true wine of this terroir. Through selection and ageing processes they obtain four different kinds of Barbera d'Asti, which are different aspects of a single, prestigious and world-famous designation.


Over the years Agostino Pavia & figli have achieved several acknowledgements and awards, taking part in prestigious wine fairs (Vinitaly, Prowein) and other tasting events. Agostino Pavia & figli's philosophy, which is based on the great quality of the Barbera d'Asti, has taken them to Northern Europe, the United States and Asia. Agostino Pavia & figli's Barbera d'Asti contains different aspects of the terroir of our region.

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