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Albino Rocca



Albino Rocca and his descendants were already active in the Barbaresco vineyards in the early 20th century. Angelo Rocca died in a plane crash in 2012, resulting in the continuation of the Azienda agricola Albino rocca by his three daughters Daniela, Monica and Paola, along with son-in-law Carlo. 



Albino Rocca has a good 15 ha vineyards near Barbaresco, Alba and Neive. A top-notch domain known both in Italy and beyond for its sophisticated white and red wines. The white cortese wine of Albino Rocca is an exception in the region and is heavenly. 


The region


Piemonte is a wine region in northern Italy, protected by the Alps and located in the heart of the Langhe hills. The Ancient Greeks already understood the potential for viticulture in this protected region and shipped the wines from the ports of Liguria throughout the empire. Now everyone recognizes Piedmont as an absolute top region with runny names like Barolo and Barbaresco. 9 DOCGs and 44 DOCs are produced here, mainly made from the red nebbiolo, barbera, dolcetto, sweet moscato and white cortese grapes, a range in which Albino Rocca is almost completely represented.

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White grape