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Chateau de Nages

Chateau de Nages

Chateau de Nages is located around the city of Nimes, in the north of the appellation Costieres de Nimes. 

Much of the 70-hectares of Château de Nages is planted with Syrah, which excels in the soil and bears color-drenched, concentrated, tannic grapes. Grenache is reserved for the poorer soils which temper its exuberance. In small doses, Mourvèdre confers an original, spicy complexity. After several trials, Michel gassier of Chateau de Nages discovered that certain parcels of the terroir had a predilection for Roussanne. Its tiny honey-colored berries release their aromatic richness in the wine. Grenache Blanc rounds the blends with its unique mineral note. 

The Terroir 

Thanks to the composition the Costières de Nîmes subsoil, our deeply rooted vineyards are incredibly well-draining.

The largest villafranchian terrace in Europe, the top layer of the Costieres de Nîmes terroir is made up of stony alluvial deposits from the Rhone called “Gres”. Below the top layer of stony alluvial deposits from the Rhone (called “Gres”) are red clay beds (called “Gapans”), which retain water and help the vineyards in times of drought, and finally Pliocen born sediment.  
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