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Chateau Jean Faure

The domaine Jean Faure is already a winegrowing domain since the late eighteenth century. It is the family Penaud, in the late nineteenth century, who gave the domain it's identity and it's present size. It passes into the hands of Marcel Loubat in 1921 and then by inheritance to the granddaughter Ghislaine de Wilde.

The domain appears ,at the end of the nineteenth century, as one of the first wines of Graves Saint-Emilion, in the magazine "Cocks & Féret". The domain was classified as Grand Cru in 1958 but lost his place in the ranking of 1985. The castle was largely ignored and neglected since the 1970's.

The revival begins in 2004, when Olivier Decelle, heir and CEO of "Picard Surgelés" buys this sleeping giant.

The soils of Jean Faure are prestigious and one of the finest of Saint-Emilion: 18 hectares on the plateau next to Cheval Blanc, on clay soils with sand and iron. With an average age of 40 years old the Cabernet Franc (54%), Merlot (40%) and Malbec (6%)  are the grapes who dominate the wine. The high proportion of cabernet franc is unusual in Saint-Emilion, where Merlot normally dominates the blend.

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