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Chateau Mondorion

Chateau Mondorion is located in the center of its vineyards in the town of Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens , on a small hill. This place is called Mondou and gave its name to Chateau Mondorion in the year 2000.

Behind this revival stands Giorgio Cavanna , a real lover of France and already owning the domain Castello di Ama in Tuscany, which enjoys an excellent reputation. Ties with the famous oenologists family Léon led him to buy the domain , as well as Chateau Le Grand Enclos du Chateau de Cérons in the Graves region . Chateau Mondorion now occupies 11 hectares in one parcel around the castle. 3 men are working alongside Giorgio Cavanna : Léon Bertrand , Xavier Dauba and Vincent Bonneau , all children of the country.

In February 2014 the Chateau has been bought by Thibault cruse, co-owner of Chateau d'Issan at Margaux.

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