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Cognac A. de Fussigny


A. de Fussigny Cognacs are beautifully elaborated in their own distillery established in 1814 in the historical center of Cognac, France, on the banks of the Charente River.

Since its creation, A de Fussigny has always been driven by a single quest: Ally authentic French tradition with state-of-the art modernity and innovation. This combination is fully expressed through the miscellaneous expressions.

The core belief has been to preserve the master blender’s craftsmanship through the elaboration of traditional and prestigious expressions along with creating innovative ranges to better meet consumers’ evolving tastes.

In a traditionally conservative environment, A de Fussigny brought in the idea of modern luxury.

The eaux de vie

In order to enhance the quality, finesse and complexity of the cognac, A. de Fussigny have chosen to focus on the two most prestigious growth areas: the Petite and Grande Champagne.

The distillation

Once thoroughly selected, the wines are neatly distilled pursuant to the traditional Charentaise method in small pot stills. They are distilled a first time, giving a cloudy distillate called “brouillis”. The brouillis is then distilled a second time, going through the exact same process subsequently giving what is referred to as the “bonne chauffe”. The heart of this second distillate is finally aged for at least two years in French oak barrels to be eligible for sale as a cognac.

The aging process

A de Fussigny is located right on the banks of the Charente River, which provides our cellars with a favorable humidity level. After the distillation process, our eaux de vie are transferred into carefully selected French oak barrels and slowly aged for several years until they reach maturity.

The blends

The seasoned master blender of A. de Fussigny has been perpetuating an ancestral expertise and savoir-faire. He secretly selects hundreds of eaux de vie and blends them to obtain a unique style and quality standard, specific to A de Fussigny, combining balance, finesse and complexity.


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