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Domaine Vincent Latour

The estate Jean Latour Labille & Sons is a family business, runned since 1972, consisting of 8 hectares and producing one of the iconic appellations of French wines  ; Meursault.
In 1998, Jean Latour gives way to Vincent and his mother who creates the Domaine Jean Latour LABILLE & FILS.

Vincent's wife, Cécile, joined in 2004 after obtaining a BPREA CFPPA in Beaune. In 2005 the area was expanded with the takeover of a vineyard in Pommard, in 2006, two vineyards in St. Aubin and a vineyard in Volnay in 2007.

In 2008, Vincent and Cécile create a trading company "Maison Vincent LATOUR" in order to redeem the share of priority vines made sharecropping. It also allows them to make wine through a partnership with winemakers who have the same production philosophy. They can thus obtain an equivalent quality as LATOUR Vincent.

In 2011, after the departure of Vincent’s mother, the ‘Domaine’ change its entity and is named Domaine Vincent LATOUR 

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