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Le Calendre



Le Calendre has a long history to bear with. The family has always been associated with the country and nature. The family, from nearby Monti Lessini, where the main activity was linked to animal husbandry and the production of butter and cheese, settled in Valpolicella in 1904, where they not only worked the usual agricultural activities like maize, wheat, cherry and olive trees but also wine grapes .


Generation after generation, the company, like the beautiful area in which it has been immersed, has specialized more and more in the production of wine in the better known and beloved Valpolicella.



Today Le Calendre is ran by the fifth generation, still harvesting and processing their own grapesfollowed by all stages of the production chain, from the vineyard to the bottle. 

The domain has 4 hectares of vineyards, which does not sound a lot, but if you see how much work one  bottle of Amarone contains, this is a huge surface to process! 

Le Calendre is therefore a top business in the Veneto region, and should definitely be discovered!

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