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Lionel Osmin

In the beginning, a bunch of friends, lovers of wines from the South West and who were very keen to share their passion...then, a faint idea, to achieve what nobody had ever done before: to create a quality wine-broking house based on South Western wines following the example of other regions such as Burgundy or the Rhône...

« Lionel Osmin & Co » was therefore created under the leadership of Lionel .

From Jurançon to Cahors, from Gaillac to Bergerac, passing through Marcillac, Lionel Osmin & Co has become the sole transversal signature of the wines from the South West and their vineyards whose secrets have not all yet been uncovered...

The result? A range of wines whose characteristics are faithful to the region and which are made to share the joy of discovering the vines and wines from the Sud-Ouest.

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