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Pierre Jean Villa

Domaine Pierre Jean Villa

The winemaker

Whether in Spain or France, the Villa family has always worked the land.
Pierre-Jean never inherited a vineyard but he has harvested, visited cellars, tasted wines, and roamed the wine routes with friends.

1992 : It's the heyday for Burgundy and its prestigious vineyards, Mommessin, Clos de Tart...
Pierre-Jean Villa follows the wine from its production to its commercialization.

2003 : Pierre-Jean Villa returns to his homestead and joins the trio of the Wines of Vienne. He is the keeper of the temple until 2009.

2009 : Pierre-Jean Villa creates Domaine Pierre Jean Villa in the heart of the northern Rhone and begins his new life as an one hundred percent independent
wine-grower. At the same time, he creates, with Olivier Decelle, famous wine maker, owner of Mas Amiel in Maury and Château Jean Faure in Saint-Émilion, another domain in Nuits-Saint Georges in Burgundy where he once again relishes working with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The wines

A great wine is ultimately born from the respect of the land and its fruit. This is both an evidence and a work-ethic for Pierre-Jean Villa.
He doesn't let anything pass him by.

In the vineyard the only logic is to preserve the life of the soil whilst producing wines true to their terroir.
In the cellar, Domaine Pierre Jean Villa treats the grapes with non-interventionist wine making : indigenous yeast and respect for the lunar calender when racking and bottling.
In the end, the wine must express this just and delicate balance between the typicity of the terroir and the wine maker's ethics.
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