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Azienda agricola Skok





 Azienda Agricola Skok was founded in 1968 by the brothers Giuseppe and Armando Skok. It is a beginning of a period of choices and considerations.

The goals of skok are always the same; the healthy cultivation of their vines, the grape production and their conversion into quality wines.

 Joseph 'Pepi' Skok was a person who always resisted the flow. For decades he focused his attention on the cultivation of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon. These wines have achieved the most remarkable results, with the two red Gambero Rosso glasses and Slow Food's Slow Food nomination. 




Since 1991, the sons of Giuseppe, Edi and Orietta have mastered the company and have renewed production and wine-making techniques. Manic care of the vineyards has brought them to the flattering current results.


The azienda agricola Skok is located in the heart of Collio in Giasbana in the city of San Floriano del Collio.

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