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Weingut Kolkmann



The best stories come from life. The story of the extended family and the winery is exciting and moving, characterized by coincidences and unpredictable twists. And yet with a consistent storyline, started with Horst Kolkmann.




He came as a child from Germany during the Second World War and ended up on a farm in Lower Austria. He decided to stay after the end of the war and started working in the warehouse. He loved Marianne and Fels am Wagram; the 'wine story' starts. The first purchased vineyard, about 1,500 m2 in size, and Marianne's dowry, four rows of Chardonnay, formed the basis of the wine estate in 1964. Today this domain covers 42 hectares of vineyards. From 1969 Horst and Marianne devoted their entire life to winemaking, since then the family has been living of viticulture.


Here the success story "in time lapse": in 1977 the autodidactic winemaker became a national winner with the "Grüner Veltliner 1976. A clear statement in the competition with many traditional and renowned wineries, and an enormous motivation for the couple.


To expand


Horst and Marianne worked steadily on the quality of their wines and enlarged the winery in the following years with vineyards exclusively located in the best locations of Wagram. 1985, the "zero hour of Austrian viticulture": the family continues to keep the company on course for success, even in this difficult phase with prudence and skill. In the meantime, two young, highly motivated winemakers were at work with their sons Gerhard and Horst, who have now also contributed their passion. The family worked with complete dedication, acquired more top locations, modernized the basement and fully equipped it with stainless steel tanks. And also the level of the wines developed constantly.

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