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The best Alsace wines

Alsace wines


History and winemaking


Wines from Alsace, it may seem obvious, but it is important to understand that a wine with terroir expression depends on a favorable microclimate (including good lighting), adapted crops (structure and composition of the soil and subsoil are some of provisions). Regarding the climate we can say that Alsace is doing pretty well. It's a sunny climate with little rainfall.


Another special feature we love here at Grandcru.expert,  is that the Alsatian wine is identified by the grape variety (eg a bottle of Gewurztraminer is made entirely from grapes of the gewurtztraminer... every bottle has the identity of the grape). 




The wine production of wine from Alsace can be divided into three categories:


-A.O.C. Alsace


-A.O.C. Alsace Grand Cru


-A.O.C. Crémant d'Alsace

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