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Côtes du Rhône wines

Cotes du Rhone wines

Cotes du Rhone wines are present in the region since ancient times. The vineyards of the Rhone Valley got their first commercial pulse in the first century AD, under the influence of the Romans. Since then, the wines from the Rhône region has always been sought after. In the 14th century the wines were proclaimed "wines of the Pope" and so systematically expanded its international reputation.

Facts and figures

It is the second largest appellation in France,after the Bordeaux appellation and covers six departments (along the Rhone, from Vienne to Avignon) and 75 600 hectares of vines, accounting for the production of more than 3 million hectoliters of red, rosé, dry white wine, sparkling wine or fortified wine.


Côtes du Rhône is divided into two production areas: the northern Rhone Valley (from Vienne to Valence) to the north, and the southern Rhone valley (from Montelimar to Avignon) to the south. The Mediterranean climate (with its characteristic mistral in the Mediterranean) and the many climate variations to the north, combined with the diversity of the soil (very steep slopes to the north, low hills with gentle slopes in the southern Rhone) make the Rhone Valley and the associated Cotes du Rhone wines, a rich and varied wine country.

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