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Entre deux Mers wine region

Entre-Deux-Mers is a vast area only 80 km from of the city of Bordeaux. As the name suggests, this geographical area is enclosed between two major rivers, the Dordogne in the north and the Garonne in the south.

The wine region of Entre-Deux-Mers is the largest AOC area of France, with a planted surface of approximately 7,000 hectares and an annually production of 335 000 hectoliters wine .

The Entre-deux-Mers has a wide range of reliefs , solar orientations and soils ( sand , clay , limestone and gravel), which are suitable for both white and red wines.

Traditionally, the production of Entre-deux-Mers mainly consisted of dry and sweet white wines, mostly made from a blend of Sauvignon and Semillon. That being said, this trend has reversed in recent years. Today quality red wines are made here aswell, mainly from the grape variety Merlot.

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